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Interview feature: When dentistry meets the media

Some might say that dentistry and the media have often had a rocky relationship. Good news for the profession doesn’t make for interesting column inches. As dentistry comes into focus at the forefront of the public’s mind, we talk to Clinical Director at Revive Dental Care  and spokesperson Dr Ramy Rashad on the role of dentists in media.

It’s a really interesting question. I know that I am doing an increasing amount of work in the media and I fully believe that is down to the way patients are behaving before they arrive at the practice. Being able to search for something online is a fantastic way of accessing information quickly and efficiently, but the quality of that information isn’t always there. I really like it when a patient comes in and tells me they have googled something. It gives me a platform to be able to inform my patients – both present and potential – about good, preventive practices, knowing there’s a level of interest there in maintaining what they have. It also presents some curveballs, like the patients who read fluoride is bad for you. The anti-fluoride brigade may be only a few but they love the social media twittersphere.

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